We sell genuine grass-fed Texas Longhorn Beef with "Oklahoma Flavor" to the public at least twice a year, depending on demand.  Longhorn Beef is very lean and high in protein.  A recognized study by Texas A&M rated longhorn beef as one of the most healthy forms of protein, exceeded only by buffalo. 

We sell halves, whole, or quarters by private treaty.  Processing is done locally, thru an established processor.  And, your purchase can be processed in all familiar cuts and thicknesses as well as select cuts such as standing rib or pikes peak roasts. Tongue, liver and heart also available.  All meat is vacuum sealed, and can be packaged in varying sizes and amounts.

Our cattle are wormed and vaccinated yearly and receive medication only on a "as needed" basis for illness or injury.  

Please contact us for prices and availability. 

Our ground beef includes all cuts of meat that you would normally get in roast, brisket, sirloin, prime rib, rib eyes, fillets and much more. This gives you a premium quality ground beef with steak flavor.

               GRASS FED
              No growth stimulants
              No hormones
              No steroids



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